I am an emergency doctor.

I also work as a doctor on board a rescue helicopter, medical director for a national lifeguarding service, sonologist, and medicolegal advisor. Throughout my career I’ve had a passion for writing, working first as a science writer, and later as a columnist and opinion writer. I studied at the Johns Hopkins University for a BA then went to graduate school and medical school at the University of Chicago for my MA and MD. I trained in emergency medicine at Los Angeles County Hospital, and have I’ve spent the past 15 years working in an underserved region of New Zealand. Over the years I’ve held elected positions on a district health board as well as on the executive board of a national worker’s union. I currently volunteer as a lifeguard and serve on a school board. I write mostly because I am curmudgeonly. When I see something that is medically incorrect, sensationalised, or misses out on the real health issues at hand, I feel I have to say something.

All of the opinions on this site are mine alone. I do not speak on behalf of any organisation or group.

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