Oxygen in Drowning: Medical Advice for Lifeguards & First Responders

A 20-minute talk with Dr Joost Bierens, a world-class researcher on drowning and resuscitation. We try to tackle the medical issue of drowning resuscitation from the lifeguard’s point of view.

We discuss ventilation vs oxygenation, hypoxia, methods of oxygen delivery, mouth-to-mouth ventilation vs bag-valve-mask (BVM) ventilation, and the limitations of pulse oximetry in the acute resuscitation of the drowned patient.

Useful information for lifeguards and first responders. Dr Joost Bierens wrote the book on drowning. Literally:

https://www.amazon.com/Drowning-Prevention-Joost-J-L-M-Bierens/dp/364204252X Dr

Gary Payinda is the Chair of the Medical Committee of the International Life Saving Federation and Medical Director of Surf Life Saving New Zealand; http://www.drgarypayinda.com

This is the first in a series of videos on the ILS Medical Position Statements: https://www.ilsf.org/position-statements-3/

Click on the above link for expert medical commentary on dozens of medical topics related to #drowning #resuscitation #lifeguarding #SurfLifeSaving #CPR #FOAMed #SLSNZ #ILSF http://www.ilsf.org

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