Doctors debating C-collars in trauma, and Hands-only CPR in Drowning (That’s a hard No to both, in my opinion)

The International Life Saving Federation hosted a Medical Committee debate on the utility of cervical collars in trauma, and a separate debate on whether Hands-only CPR (no ventilations) was the right thing to do in drowning.

The speakers involved were Drs. Justin Semsprott of the United States, David Szpilman of Brazil, Gary Payinda of New Zealand, and paramedic Leo Manino of Argentina.

Hopefully useful to any lifesavers, lifeguards, first aiders, or first responders out there.

For more information check out the International Life Saving Federation’s website and specifically the many updated, summarized and translated Medical Position Statements on the Medical Committee page.

These medical position statements are a handy ready-reference for anyone working in an aquatic or rescue environment.