Lifeguarding and First-Aid: A Medical Debate

I’ll be participating in an online medical debate, for anyone interested in: #lifeguarding #FirstAid, #firstresponder #Lifeguard #CPR #C-spine #trauma #BLS

The International Life Saving Federation is having a medical talk (actually, a debate amongst several international doctors, researchers, and paramedics) on C-collar use and Hands-only CPR. Should be fun. It’s aimed at anyone involved in life saving, from lifeguards to aquatic agency medical directors. Registration is free.
There will be two other webinars in weeks to come on other Rescue Commission topics.

To register:,8_61ShGRxkeJEjXpmKBxEQ,TTxeLtvid0mUUTbo1P4rcA,FY9IgWg54ECd3sA6cUMJig,XBShUBrQ5EOrY2WZ9iXr8A,CpQZPDNNG0aH8JqbWOTaGw?mode=read&tenantId=65a08ed6-510b-4e93-8628-716a739c30db&skipauthstrap=1

To learn more:

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Gary Payinda MD MA DDU FACEM
Medical Cmte Chair, International Life Saving Federation
Emergency / Prehospital & Retrieval Medicine
National Medical Director, Surf Life Saving NZ
Councillor, NZ Resuscitation Council

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