54 religious schools are hindering anti-cancer efforts: ‘Dark ages’ thinking, supported by our taxpayer money.


some background info for you:
(public numbers available online)

nz hpv vax rates are around 54-67%

fully funded for 9-26 yo males and females

vaccine around since 2006, but only made available to boys in 2017

roughly 1/3 teen girls unvaccinated
roughly 1/2 teen boys unvaccinated

(the numbers are poorly tracked, hard to find, so much so that the numbers for boys are merely ‘modelled’, ie, educated guesses. sad)

80% of us get HPV in our lifetimes (this is not an affliction of ‘the promiscuous’)

medical studies have actually shown that HPV vaccination doesn’t decrease your age at first intercourse, nor your teen pregnancy rate (obvious, but there’s some dangerously backward people out there in world that equate HPV vaccination with an inducement premarital sex)

boys 53% (bs 78%+ in australia)
girls 61-67% (vs 81% in australia)
these numbers are the best i could find…data is hard to track down…a reflection of the low priority this is given by govt.
religious schools get $900-2300 per per student (!) per year…of taxpayer money. they are not independent; they are government financed.

per year in nz, approx:
Cervical cancer 190 cases, 60 deaths, 95% are vaccine preventable
Anal cancer 250 cases, 91% preventable with HPV vaccination
Head and neck (nose, tongue, mouth, throat) cancers, 50 deaths per year, 70% hpv preventable
Penile, vulvar, vaginal cancers: 90%+ preventable
and genital warts too (which are HPV)

you don’t prevent these cancer deaths if you don’t vaccinate your teens.

i’d love to see what areoat current numbers are for HPV vaccination. But i assume they are markedly lower than the ones I have posted above, which are all pre-covid.