Whangarei hospital: old, cramped, and not fit for purpose.


The article got most things right. Minor details they didn’t get quite right: windows falling out was years ago (10-ish?) and they were patched up. Ambulance ramping has been reported as an issue in Auckland and Hamilton, not Whangarei.

Issues they didn’t have the space to get to:

The lack of complaints by lovely, patient, and understanding Northlanders.

The repeated episodes of a ‘code red’ overwhelmed ED, the lack of sufficient beds for (admitted) inpatients, the surgical delays of many months, the overfull status of mental health and rehab, patients unable to get a nurse and ambulance to transfer them from Whangarei to Auckland for emergency care adding 4,6,12 or more hours to people’s emergency care, the tiny waiting room that creates infection risk, the cramped conditions the lab staff work under, and more.

Bottom line: a whole host of bad-for-patients stuff that would never be tolerated at a suburban Pakeha hospital.