Teachers, students, Covid, and vaccination.

There are a lot of teachers and students with great Covid + vaccination questions. I hope this helps a few of those questions.

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…towards the end of this video, I forgot to mention my main inspiration for making this (in addition to my day job as an emergency doctor) is that I’m on the Huanui College Board of Trustees, a parent to two high school students, and friends with a lot of teachers and educational staff, who provided me with some of the questions and discussions underpinning his clip. Thanks for your questions — always happy to try to give good, reasonable advice.

(To be clear: I speak only for myself as a doctor and parent, not on behalf of any organisation!)

Anything I can do to help the NZ teacher and student/parent community, just ask. Happy to do a group Zoom Question-and-Answer session if needed/wanted.

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