Medical Exemptions: a godsend for quacks

“Medical exemptions to mandatory Covid Vaccination:
If a staff member has particular physical or other needs that a suitably qualified health practitioner (in the course of examining the person) determines would make it inappropriate for the person to be vaccinated, that person will be exempt, and they can carry out work without being vaccinated. We expect the number of people who are exempted from the vaccination requirement to be very low as the Pfizer vaccination has proven to be safe for the very large majority of people.”

Medical exemptions –without official oversight– worldwide have proven an easily abused option. A bad mistake, prone to abuse by unscrupulous quacks.

The same as with any profession, a very small number of doctors operate outside the norm, which in medicine is called the ‘standard of care’.

Many communities are unlucky enough to a substandard doctor, often one beloved by the patients that seek them out. patients. Whether you call them quacks, charlatans, or just freedom warriors, they march to the beat of their own drummer.

The problem is when one of these doctors gets the ability to grant medical exemptions. Patients flock to them like moths to a lamp.

And their exemptions threaten the rest of the community. Mask exemptions, vaccine exemptions…each one erodes the safety net that protects us all.

There are virtually no medical reasons to avoid Covid vaccination.

We used to say anaphylaxis to the first dose of Covid vaccine was one of only two valid medical contraindications. The second was anaphylaxis to one of the vaccine ingredients (fats, sugar, mrna, salts).

But it turns out with medical oversight, almost every patient, even those with severe allergy, can be safely given the vaccine.

As with many things in medicine, doing the wrong thing is a lot easier, faster, and often more profitable than doing the right thing. If experience is any guide, we can expect that a few bad players will be responsible for the lion’s share exemptions.

Having a medical exemption oversight board is necessary. I hope our high-trust government is not too high-trust when it comes to medical exemptions. It opens up our vulnerable communities to too much risk.

If you hear of an abuse of medical exemptions, let the Medical Council of New Zealand and the Ministry of Health know. And click this link: