Face Masks, Stale Breath, and Freedom

(This one’s for CCB.)

You’re on Facebook. A friend posts their ‘research’ showing that face masks cause oxygen levels to drop and carbon dioxide levels to build up to dangerous levels, causing long-term risks of brain damage.

You know the person posting this stuff. You’ve known him since high school, and he was pretty dumb even back then. You doubt he has become scientifically literate in his spare time.

How do you respond to him? Do you post real scientific studies and show him facts proving that what he saying is bullshit? Facts have never worked against stupid people. They’re almost by definition impervious to knowledge.

Or do you tell him about the surgeons you’ve seen at your workplace? Really smart people that spent 14 more years in post-secondary education than he did, whose careers all tragically ended after only 2 to 3 years as a consultant surgeon.

It’s a well known fact that due to all the extra carbon dioxide they breathe — being forced to wear a facemask for hours and hours every day in surgery — that all surgeons end up with profound brain damage by the age of 36. Between the high CO2 and the low oxygen levels, they’re brains are devastated.

It’s just one of the dark secrets medical professionals keep from the public.

You decide that neither the truth nor jest will work. People will believe whatever they want to believe.

Last generation had thousands of fools who didn’t wear seat belts. Choruses of “They’re dangerous!” and “You can’t force me!” rang out for a decade until seatbelts became the law. And once that happened deaths were cut in half.

Masks are no different. Whether it’s this delta Covid, or the next variant, most people understand that masks (and vaccines) work great. For the rest, the non-believers…the mask-hesitant…the strong-minded individuals who are just waiting for a better, safer brand of mask to be imported…

they will just have to be forced to wear one by law, just like a seatbelt.

Eventually, they will realise they were just being oppositional for the sake of it, and accept it was a good idea: effective and not a big deal to wear a simple mask indoors around others while there was an infectious respiratory epidemic going around.

But those poor surgeons. So many brilliant young minds destroyed by re-breathing their own waste gases. Trapped in face masks they weren’t allowed to remove. No one’s going to be able to bring them back. The price of progress, I guess.

The End.

Don’t read this if you don’t want to know more about surgical masks, and how they don’t affect your oxygen or CO2 levels…even if you have severe COPD. Forward it to your friends.