N95 fit testing is ‘Best’ but non-fit tested is pretty OK too.

Given the expense and scarcity of N95 fit testers (it’s quite a growth industry…could be a job opportunity here for underemployed aromatherapists), is it good enough to go with non-fit tested N95 #facemasks?

Yessir. Cloth masks are OK, bit those blue surgical masks are better. And N95 masks are even better. And fit-tested N95 masks are better still. And PAPRs are the best of all. Except for a Level IV biological hazard suit.

Bottom line is, perfection is unattainable, expensive, and often impractical. Good enough is good enough. Any dose reduction is a good dose reduction.

So, bring on the outdoor, 3-sided tents for patient care, bring on “fit-checked” N95s, bring on cloth face masks in indoor venues like churches and bars, and bring on open windows in schools rather than $700 hepa filters and CO2 detectors.

FFS, if we just had the wherewithal to require indoor masks and universal vaccinations beginning in April, we would be over this shitshow by now. Everyone vaxxed, everyone masked, Covid hospitalisations very low and ICU cases rare.

Then all we would have to worry about is the coming childhood measles outbreak. Because we can’t ever do the logical thing and protect all kids, we have 69% full vaccination rates among 18 month old NZ children. Those are the same levels as Bangladesh in 2018.

Shameful. Completely preventable.