Two positive covid cases in far north

If confirmed, it’s a tragedy for Northlanders.

We could’ve had strong mask and vaccination mandates and protected whanau, community, and country, and we could not even accomplish that.

We had the means to prevent this.

Two months ago I went to Cook Islands as part of a team that helped them vaccinate 96% of their eligible population in 8 weeks!

In NZ we have 500,000 unvaccinated adults and 800,000 unvaccinated kids. The kids can’t yet be vaccinated, but can still catch and spread it.

These adults, either through selfishness, ignorance, fear, paranoia, and gullibility, or deprivation and lack of access, still remain unvaccinated. People will die from this outbreak, and we could have prevented it.

The people “aren’t ready” for mandatory vaccination. They same way they “weren’t ready” for mandatory seat belts or the mandatory hepatitis B vaccinations that every NZ healthcare worker -already- must have.

We have let the most selfish, least community-minded, most ignorant minority amongst us rule the day, aided by the megaphone of Facebook, which makes more tax-free profit off anger and misinformation than it ever could off public health and a functional society.

Our tolerance for so-called “freedom” seekers, antivaxxers, and the like has cost our society dearly, with lockdowns that could have been avoided (wear your mask and get vaccinated) and hospitalisations and deaths to come that were foreseeable and avoidable had we the motivation to act.

These freedom seekers would have the country erode, so long as it doesn’t affect them.

And when it does they know they will always be welcome in the public healthcare system, cared for by the very social safety net they daily seek to weaken.

I’m sad for the people of Northland today.