Today on “Seems like BS, but actually works” — Make your own ‘Covid filter’.

Ever wonder why airplanes aren’t literally infested with Covid victims after every flight? It’s partly because they have effective and efficient particle filters running overtime on every flight.

(…and because, at least in most parts of the world, airlines have the wisdom to mandate the wearing of face masks onboard — hugely limiting spread.)

This filter is ideal for churches, bars, restaurants, and other high-risk crowded, ‘exhaled-breath-filled’ areas as an supplement. NOT a replacement for all the other things that work really, really well: vaccinations, facemasks, open ventilation (try to be outside, if you can’t, then keep windows and doors open, and/or avoid crowded indoor places when possible.)

Is it called a Rimsky-Korsakoff box? No, it’s proper name is a “Corsi-Rosenthal” filter box.

But I will just call it a “Covid filter”. You should make one yourself. It’s cheap ($100 for little box fan, easy and quick to assemble, and actually (surprisingly) works. The box the filter is cut and reused as the ‘holder’ that mounts the filter to the fan. Brilliant.

Many thanks to Dr Mike Howard (emergency medicine specialist and immunology PhD) for introducing our department to these Covid filters, and for ensuring our fingers stayed attached while playing with the box cutters making these. Seriously Mike, thanks for doing this for us.

(I’ve included a link below to an article written by Dr Michael Howard at the start of Covid. It’s become a big part of his life staying abreast of Covid literature and helping others navigate the pandemic as safely as possible.

A commitment to learning and using that knowledge to help care for others. )