A Covid wildfire is coming and we are frozen with fear.

The education secretary Iona Hoisted says principals can have year 11-13 students attend school in level 3 if they think it’s necessary, with bubbles and distancing. GOOD.

But they don’t have to use facemasks. BAD.

Someone pass this on to Iona: this is just ignorant, foolish, and dangerous.

I understand some NZ leaders are too scared to make vaccination mandatory, so we are going to watch Covid burn up the ignorant, the isolated, the vulnerable and the poor instead. Leaders must cater to the stupid in society, cause they need their votes to get reelected. I get it.

But to not make masks mandatory is just gutless. It is such a pitifully simple thing to wear a mask, and so effective at shutting down Covid.

We have been taken over by the stupid people. We’ll have a hell of a 3-4 months as it burns through. The hospital system will plug up and essentially shut down. People with non-Covid illnesses will suffer delays and some will die. This should make everyone angry.

Compulsory vaccinations and masks would have saved so many lives that will now be lost. And all the coming deaths would be almost completely preventable.