A thank-you to science teachers, and a congratulations to the kids brave enough to enter their work into ‘science fairs’ around the world.

Link to the video:


Dedicated to Mrs Phillipa Lauben, my science teacher at Hadley-Luzerne High School, New York, circa 1991.

This was supposed to be a speech delivered at the Central Northland Science Fair this week. But it was postponed due to Covid. It may still happen live, or it may occur in a digital format now that New Zealand is facing a Delta variant outbreak. I’m not great at public speaking, so maybe that turned out for the better….although apparently I’m not that much better on video either!

But ignore the messenger and listen to the message: science teachers are heroes, and the kids who enter their work into the “school science fair” will become our next generation’s engineers, technicians, doctors, and scientists.

Here’s a thumbs-up to kids building their scientific expertise, learning that science can be creative, and that it can be used to change lives and help people.