Occupational therapists: is there anything they can’t do?

I want Northland kids to know there is more than just forestry and labouring jobs out there for them. There are lots of jobs in healthcare beyond being a doctor, nurse, or paramedic — jobs a lot of people don’t know much about, or maybe haven’t even heard of. The allied health professions do great work helping people lead their best possible life. This video is about the many facets of care that occupational therapists provide.

We couldn’t profile every health career/speciality at the upcoming Huanui Health Careers Night, so we’ve created some online videos.

This one is with Occupational Therapists Marie and Jesse from Whangarei Hospital. Even if you work in healthcare, it’ll amaze you to learn some of the things OTs can specialise in:

Stroke Rehabilitation, Assistive Technology, Seating and Mobility aids, Aquatic therapy, Neuro-Developmental Treatments, Autism Therapy, Aging in Place care, Brain Injuries/Rehabilitation, Diabetes education, Hand injury rehabilitation, Industrial injury rehab, Lymphedema (post-cancer) therapy, therapy for people with low vision/blindness, and others.

It’s limitless.

Bottom line: if you want to help people lead happier and more empowered lives this is a career worth looking into. The coursework takes 3 years and the job opportunities are good. AUT and Otago Polytechnic run OT courses at several sites around New Zealand.

See you at our first Huanui College Health Careers Night, at Huanui College, June 3 at 5pm. All interested Northland high school students are welcome!




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