On ‘Pee-Pees’, ignorance, and shame.

I have no doubt there are 9 year olds with a better understanding of the biology and terminology of their genitals than some adults.

It’s too bad so many kids don’t have an interested, knowledgeable, and unashamed parent or two who can teach them about their private parts. If a kid is old enough to know they have a “pee-pee” they’re old enough to start learning about it.

One common alternative is to keep kids and teens steeped in ignorance and shame, leaving them to learn about sexuality when they get an sexually transmitted infection, become pregnant, or get sexually mistreated or abused.

Shame has been such a big part of sexuality and sexual manipulation and control throughout the ages…and still is today in so many religious groups and other male-dominated institutions. The Dark Ages are unfortunately still alive and well, they’re just hiding under the banner of ‘traditional values’. Its no accident that self-confidence, human rights, financial and legal power, education and health come together as a package deal. And it all starts when we’re kids, with the adults around us either being honourable and brave enough to answer our questions honestly. Or BS’ing us.

‘For our own good’, of course.