Commentary: Euthanasia drugs article in the NZ Herald.

Unapproved use of an approved drug is often called “off-label” use. This term can mean that the drug is:

  • Used for a disease or medical condition that it is not approved to treat, such as when a chemotherapy is approved to treat one type of cancer, but healthcare providers use it to treat a different type of cancer.
  • Given in a different way, such as when a drug is approved as a capsule, but it is given instead in an oral solution.
  • Given in a different dose, such as when a drug is approved at a dose of one tablet every day, but a patient is told by their healthcare provider to take two tablets every day. (source:


  1. Rowan Stephens says:

    You speak with great clarity, scientific accuracy and compassion. Thank you for exposing this fear mongering inaccurate journalism.


    1. Cheers mate, spread it around.
      I’ve stopped believing the rubbish articles we read on euthanasia are based solely on ignorance anymore. It’s purposefully misleading. I think these journalists know full well they’re telling porkies. But look at the incentives! They’re selling stories, attracting eyeballs, winning advertising dollars and clicks.
      If only dying and suffering patients weren’t on the other end of this constant stream of breathless, fact-free reporting. Guyon needs to try a bit harder. More and more of his stories are ending up like this. They need to be in the opinion section, where they belong, and not the news. “Investigative reporter, in-depth” is his tagline. Come on, now. If that’s your job title, investigate a little harder.


    2. Ann David says:

      Assisted dying will be legal as of 7 November 2021. Doctors and their eligible patients can then decide whether to participate or not. It is time to stop prosecuting the moral argument by making use of scare tactics; that is not honourable journalism. Thank you for exposing these tactics – they are ugly.


  2. libby says:

    Thank you Gary for fronting up and telling the truth,


  3. Kapiti Dianne says:

    Thank you for speaking up!


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