I’ll be talking to 1News this week about religious schools not allowing cervical cancer vaccinations.

Is there anything more spiritually bankrupt than putting roadblocks up to teenage girls’ vaccination, ensuring some of them will needlessly get cervical cancer decades later?

If this is true (I just learned of it last week) — that religious schools taking PUBLIC funding are not allowing the Ministry of Health to give out cervical cancer vaccine information, and not allowing them to vaccinate kids at schools, there is only one answer: yank their funding. Immediately.

Religious schools can get hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer funding each year. Yet some of them appear may be harming society, compromising public health, and causing women (and men) to get cancers that could have been prevented with a simple vaccination. It’s just not right and shouldn’t be tolerated.

You shouldn’t be allowed to contribute to cancer deaths AND take taxpayer money for it. That should be a law on the statute books, if not a commandment in a holy book.

“Thou shalt not take taxpayers’ money while allowing preventable cancer deaths,” and

“Thou shalt not create fear in order to control the women (and men) in your congregation.”


  1. Joanne Ashby says:

    I know how you love robust debate Gary so I’ll just jump right in here. Firstly, religious schools are actually treated the same as state schools under the Education and Training Act so their funding is exactly the same as any state school by law. The only difference is their right to uphold their special character. It was enacted in the 70’s/80’s for a variety of compelling and sensible reasons which I’m happy to discuss with you at any stage. Whilst religious based schools may not offer vaccination information, they do not prevent, nor actively discourage, any parent from allowing their daughter or son to be vaccinated and most parents – regardless of their spiritual beliefs are sensible enough to know that their children need vaccinating. I agree that it’s time that all religious groups would benefit from updating their views to that of the 21st century, however revoking their funding would actually result in tens of thousands of children having to fit into all the other state schools in the country which is clearly unrealistic and impractical.


    1. Awesome reply. Cheers.
      The story we’re hearing is that religious schools (some, many??) are not allowing ministry of health cervical cancer educational materials to be given to kids and parents, and not allowing vaccination to proceed at their schools. Not cool, not acceptable because it will lead to girls getting cancer down the line. Taxpayer dollars can’t go to those who put up roadblocks to cancer prevention. Yank the funding until they allow girls (and boys) to get informed, and vaccinated, at school. Just my opinion, but hopefully shared by others.
      I know a professional who was in this situation, when she learned of what she missed, it was too late for the vax to be highly effective. These boys and girls need vaccination by age 12. Any delays are tragic. A moratorium on funding would force them to reconsider if they really want to be on the side of more cervical cancer. If they are true to their beliefs, they need to do their thing…but we cannot aid them in putting girls (and boys) at increased risk. I’m pretty confident that boards would see the light, and recognised the humanity and the public health benefit in allowing information and vaccination at school.


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